X-Dance Pole Portable Carrying Case / Storage Bag

Pole Dance Bag

X-Dance Pole Carrying Case / Storage Bag

Black carrying case made of strong fabric to carry the X Dance pole and most no brand pole dancing poles.  A circular carry bag for the dome is also included.

  • Heavy-duty canvas material X Dance carrying case. 
  • Shoulder strap
  • Hand strap.
  • Metal loop brackets for the straps
  • Zippered sections, velcro fasteners, and pockets for holding your pole pieces in place
  • Dance pole fitness equipment not included. Bags only

Another great aspect of X Dance pole is its portabilty. The fitness pole easily dismantles into two long poles, the dome, the base, and the extension parts. After you get your pole down it is easily stored in this compact carrying case.  The dance pole set is not included with the bags.

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