Wooden Toy Pretend Play Set Car Carrier Truck and Trailer with 4 Colored Cars

Semi Truck Car Carrier

Wooden Semi Truck, Car Trailer and 4 brightly colored cars

  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Design encourages imaginative play and development of fine motor skills
  • Raise and Lower ramps for easy loading onto the double decker trailer
  • Unhook the trailer to use the truck for stand-alone pretend play
  • Develop dexterity, hand eye coordination and memory skills 
  • Encourages pretend play for developing creative skills

This wooden Car Carrier Truck and Wooden Car Toy Set aid in the development of dexterity and co-ordination. Pretend play by hauling a load of four brightly colored wooden cars. Load, raise, and haul four new brightly colored wooden toy vehicles along an imaginary highway with the Car Carrier. The upper deck of the car trailer is easily lowered to allow each vehicle to drive on and off. Carved grooves in the surface of the wooden toy car trailer help to keep each car in place as they're transported to their destination by the quick busy hands of your child.

Package Dimensions: 14 in x 6 in x 4 in
Suitable for ages 2 years+

Material: solid wood

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Category: Toys, Wooden Toys

Type: Toys

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