Tots Punching Bag Speed Ball Adjustable Stand with Boxing Gloves

Tots Adjustable Free Standing Punching Bag Boxing Ball with Boxing Gloves and Pump

Standing Tumbler Punching Bag/boxing speed ball for rigorous fitness workout

  • Adjustable Height For Tots (36 to 47 inches)
  • 1 Pair of boxing gloves, Hand Air Pump and Air Pump Needle
  • 1 Emulation Leather Punching Ball (9.5 Inch Diameter)15 inch
  • Base Diameter
  • Flexible Spring Loaded Pedestal Stand

Ideal way to keep children active and burn energy. Great for training skills, coordination & agility. Easy assembly easy storage. Protective outer layer of leather look for durability & hard use.
Total Weight : 8 Lbs

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