Revoflex Xtreme Double Ab Wheel Roller Resistance Band Abdominal Waist Slimming Core Exerciser


Revoflex Extreme Ab Roller

Revoflex Xtreme is the perfect compact home fitness equipment that will help you strengthen your chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs with 6 levels and 44 different exercises.

To work your abs as you roll forward the assisted bi-directional power band resistance increases giving you a greater and more intense work out. Next as you slowly roll back the motion forces you to tighten your abs as you return to the original position.

  • Easy, effortless and more intense ab workout
  • Resistance workout at home or office.
  • Includes storage / carry bag
  • Wheel handles with elastic resistance bands for arm workout
  • Perform lunges and kicks to firm glutes and leg muscles
  • Strengthen your chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs in one motion.
  • Roll to strengthen core

Get the Revoflex Xtreme Resistance Workout Set and start your routine with ultimate abs training method to achieve the ripped six pack goal.

Revoflex Xtreme Resistance Workout Set ships with a carrying case, and exercise guide to help get you started. Its a very versatile unit to get your work outs in your goal to attain flat ripped abs doing the simple yet effective exercise routines. Designed with convenience and mobility in mind it is lightweight and compact so you can easily store it away or under the bed or closet after use. Revoflex is an ideal workout machine for abdominal, chest, back, arms, shoulders, thighs and buttocks. As you move forward, the tension bands resistance increases, providing a more intense workout for your muscles. Get the Revoflex Xtreme Resistance Workout Set and start powering toward ultimate abs training to achieve the body figure you desire by isolating the specific muscle groups that you want to train. If you live in an apartment there is no need to worry about noise emitted while exercising. Another great advantage of this machine is that you can take it anywhere as it is light weight and very portable. It takes 5 mins to train your arms, chest and legs and allows for 40 types of exercise which covers 90% of your muscles. Lunges and kicks to firm glutes, Work your upper, middle, lower and oblique abdominals. Resistance workout at home. Expand chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs in one motion. Perform up to 40 different exercises Rolling to strengthen core, Wheel handles with elastic bands for arm workout.

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