Iron Jack Gym Size Curved Inclined Sit Up Bench With Speedball, Dumbbells and Resistance Cords

HD Curve Bench

Iron Jack Large (48 Inch) Padded Inclined Curved Sit Up Bench With Speedball Dumbbells and Resistance Cords


  • 5-Angle multi function adjustable sit up bench constucted of sturdy steel.
  • Standard gym sized bench suitable for both short and tall statures. 48 inch x 13 inch thick padded bench
  • Ultra-thick back cushion (two inches thick) provides extra support and comfort to the spine for a more efficient workout.
  • Detachable Speed ball (28 inch circumference) to vary your routine by adding some punching to your workout.
  • One pair of 2 Lb Neoprene dumbbells and 2 Resitance Cords with hand grips
  • Compfortable Foam padding for ankles and knees
  • Footprint (variable depending on the angle): Length 60 to 63 inches x 13 inches wide. Height 49 to 65 inches
  • Recommended maximum user weight is 300 pounds
  • Easy Assembly. Includes assembly manual and all the necessary tools.

Iron Jack curved sit up bench will help you define your abs by utilizing the ergonomically designed machine making possible a multitude of ab exercises such as ab crunches, twists and reverse crunches. This bench is appropriate for a wide range of fitness levels from novices to seasoned athletes working to stay on top of their game. The bench allows you to vary your position to focus on targeted parts of your abdomen. The spongy roller pads and 2 inch thick bench cushion provides reduces pressure point discomfort when doing sit ups.

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