Iron Jack Canvas Heavy Punching Bag White Frame with Boxing Gloves

White Frame Bag Boxing Gloves

Iron Jack Canvas Punching Bag White Frame with MMA Boxing Gloves

Hanging Punching Bag for rigorous Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, MMA workout .

  • Great for boxing, kick boxing, MMA workout
  • 10 inch chains. Total Hang space is 51 inches. Bag is 36 inches tall with circumference of 38 inches
  • Filler not included. Most fighters fill it with blankets or used clothing
  • Includes bag, hanging frame and hanging chains.
  • Standard Boxing Gloves included. (Actual may differ from pictured)

Great for training skills, coordination & agility. Practice kicks, kneeing and puching. Easy assembly involves 6 screws into solid wood.

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