I J Fitness Vertical Knee Raise VKR / Chin up/ Push-up /Dip/Ab Workout Deluxe Tower Station


Compared to competing pull up dip stations, Iron Jack Fitness VKR Chin up/ Push-up /Dip/Ab Workout Tower is designed to provide a space efficient workout solution for performing a variety of exercise options. Use your body resistance. One piece of equipment gives you multiple workout stations including knee raises, chin-ups, dips, push-ups and ab-crunches. All exercise stations are located on a single side of the unit allowing it up against a wall further reducing the footprint that would fit easily into your home. A flexible compact addition to your home fitness equipment line up.

Bodyweight exercises utilize your own weight to provide resistance. Unlike most fitness gear designed for strength training, the built-in workout stations allow you to target multiple muscle groups for a more efficient workout. For example, the push-up station will work your shoulders, arms, chest and core. You can build a routine around exercises that put your whole body to work for you to quickly improve your lean muscle mass which is an essential driver of metabolism and fat burn.

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