I J Fitness Compact Manual Cardio Exercise Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

I J Fitness Manual Rowing Machine

This compact foldable home rowing machine will give you a full-body workout in the comfort of your home. This home fitness equipment was designed for use in limited space such as your living room, studio, den at home or your office. You can pull this compact rowing machine out in the evening and have a great workout while watching TV. After using the rowing machine simply fold it up and return it to its compact storage space. Having a rowing machine at home makes it easier to never miss an exercise opportunity.

Height 30 inch

Width 13 Inch

Length 54 inch

Weight 23 Lbs.

Rowing is a total body exercise the will build and grow a variety of muscle groups, increase stamina and improve cardio. If your objective is weight loss, a solid 30 minute work out on this machine can burn from 250 to 350 calories depending on your body weight. While losing weight there is a natural cardio vascular benefit resulting from increased heart rate and oxygen consumption with the overall benefit of reducing your risk of stroke and heart disease. During you manual rowing machine work out you will use every major muscle group including back muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, abdominals, triceps, chest muscles, shoulder muscles, glutes, biceps and obliques. The benefit of strong muscles leads to improved mobility in your daily life, stronger bones, more energy and most importantly greater weight control.

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