Self Balance Bosu Stability Ball 23 Inch Fitness Yoga Strength Exercise Trainer with Pump

Blue Bosu Ball

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You can tone up in just 15 minutes a day with total body multi-function exercise balance ball. Imagine yourself now getting fit in your living room while watching your favorite program.

Start off by loosening and warming up muscles. balance exorcise to improve muscle coordination.The Balance ball helps you to effectively use your core to stay steady on the half ball rubber dome. Muscle strengthening exercise include standing leg lifts, squats, lateral position leg lifts, push ups, upper back strengthening with reverse sit up and core muscles toning with planking.

23 Inch Balance Bosu Ball Features

  • Bosu Ball kit includes one balance ball, one set of resistance bands, air pump and a starter exercise chart.
  • Gives a total body workout including abdominal, aerobic, toning for the lower body and alternative stretching positions
  • Sleek, compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, and quick positioning for any type of workout
  • Utilize both sides of the unit for limitless exercise options. Plyometric stability and movement training.
  • Made of durable strong material. Weighs 15 pounds

The BOSU ball, short for both sides up, was invented in 1999. Main benefit of using it is for flexibility, balance and core strength training. Using it with dome side up you can perform aerobic exercises and workout drills.  Also, dome side up it is a great tool for doing stretching exercises by laying either face up and face down to perform a variety of stretches and relaxation positions.

Using the unit with dome side down, the unstable surface, is ideal for balance training while trying to stand on it. Also dome side down you can stretch your calves or kneel on it which will put you in a position to explore a wide range of motions compared to your regular stretching exercises.

In summary , the average person finds it challenging to stand on a balance ball which helps work your core muscles by forcing you to stabilize your muscles groups as you do your workout as opposed to the constant push or pull resistance when you used regular gym equipment. Add more challenge and intensity to your routine workouts like push ups, squats, lifts and leg lunges by using this fitness tool. Your body will learn to adapt to new movements and add variety to your everyday routine. The ball is also a great tool for rehab to allowing you to work your muscle slowly back into shape.

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