Pole Dance Fitness

Pole dancing has long been a mainstream form of physical exercise and dance form which has world stage competition and worldwide support from fitness experts as a recognized method of keeping fit. An ever growing number of fitness studios offer it as an extension of their many dance form offerings. Purchasing your own removal portable dance pole is the next step to moving you to an improved level of ability and stamina. With your home pole you can do the extra practice and training necessary to augment your pole fitness classes.

Strengthen your core and upper body strength through your fun dance routines. Strip away the excess weight, build and tone muscles, gain more flexibility and most importantly give your confidence a big boost! 

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Brief History

Pole Dance moved from the circus to bars sometimes in the 1960’s, then it is said that it first got its start as an artistic dance form quickly followed as a form of physical exercise fitness in Vegas in the 1990’s.  Over the past decade it has moved in the direction of mainstream with an increase of available information and training methods. There were pushes for it to be introduced as a new Olympic sport in 2016, however, industry insiders are in the opinion that the public was still not ready as they still fight the negative stereotypical images associated with the activity.

Attitudes and perceptions of the sport has seen a gradual change, however, more work is needed by the International Pole Sports Federation as they set their goals on the 2020 Olympics. There is an ever increasing growth of dance competitions for both genders in multiple categories including both singles and doubles. The general public will have to fully understand that pole dancers like gymnasts, figure skaters and divers are incredible athletes. If sports like table tennis, curling, archery and equestrian are official Olympic Sports then Pole Dancing has a great chance of joining the ranks of competing for gold.