Benefits Of Dips Exercise

Triceps Dip StandDips use your own body resistance to target upper
body muscle groups. The dip workout is a great compound movement that will target all three heads of your triceps. Triceps are one muscle group made of 3 heads hence the term “triceps” (three-headed muscle of the arm). There are several different variations of the dip technique depending on if you want to target your triceps or your chest. Keep in mind that no matter which variation you use you will still be working your triceps but to varying degrees.

Place your hands on the two dip bars, raise yourself up until your arms are straight and bend your knees so that you are completed suspended making sure that your feet do not touch the floor. Begin your workout by lowering your body to the point where your shoulders are slightly below your elbows. Your elbow should be at about a 90 degree angle. Next push yourself up until your arms are straight again then repeat. Perform the dips slowly and in control ensuring that you maintain proper form. The most important point when doing dips is the technique specifically related to your shoulder/deltoids. Try not to let your shoulders roll or move forward while avoid shrugging your shoulders. If you want to work on your chest, lean forward while trying to hang your legs in a forward position. The more you bend forward the more you can work your chest. The 3 main muscle groups that you work when using a dip station are triceps, deltoids and pectorals.

The triceps are the main muscles that dips strengthen. When the triceps contract, your elbow extends, or straightens during the dips. The triceps also assist in extension of the shoulder which occurs as you lower into the dip. The deltoids are located at the top of
Portable Dip Standyour arm attached to your collar bone. The deltoids comprise three parts which include anterior, medial and posterior. The anterior and medial portion of the deltoid will contract during the dip to stabilize the movement and keep your arms in place. Finally a dip using proper technique relies on you abs to give your body position the support is needs to be stable. You should be mindful of this when doing your dip to purposely tighten your stomach and pull your navel in keeping your back straight and stable. If done properly the obliques also get a work out as they work to stabilize your body during the dip. As you can see the dip station is good way to bulk up both your arms and your chest.

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