About Us

TopShopSales.com is a leading North American online store focusing on health and fitness related products for consumers of all age groups. Our dedicated team of ecommerce specialists have served and shipped to thousands of satisfied customers in the USA and Canada over the past 10 years. During our many years of shipping beauty related products in our early years we received many requests for fitness related products. You talked – we listened.... As we looked at health trends in North America we could clearly see that society across all age groups had come to live an increasing sedentary lifestyle and increases in the associated health risks related to inactivity. It seems to be a trickle down effect from parents to children. As a result, we embarked on a mission to offer a product assortment that would help our loyal customers move towards a healthier more active lifestyle.


Top Shop Sales is strategically positioned to deliver your orders within 5 business days of receiving your order. We ship to our Canadian customers from our warehouse in British Columbia and for our customers in the United States we ship from Washington State. All listed prices are U.S. Dollar