Bosch Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker Brewing System - Black

Tassimo T20

  • Fully automatic one button operation with patented barcode technology that brews perfect café style beverages. The machine automatically adjusts the amount of water, the brewing time and the temperature for a perfect cup every time
  • Brews coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, latte, iced tea, iced coffee, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato, crema, and Americanos
  • With customizable drink strength, the fully automatic brew cycle can be interrupted by stopping the brewing process at any time or extending the cycle to adding more water
  • Innovative Flow-Through Water Heater works the moment the machine is switched on and needs virtually no heat-up time between drinks
  • Includes 5 LED user interface that provides the user with current information about machine status
  • Removable cup stand with drip tray can be fully removed or height adjusted for large size glasses or travel mugs
  • System also has an automatic cleaning and descaling program with use of special service T-Disc
  • Removable water tank reservoir holds 1.5 L / 51 ounces

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