IJ Fitness Heavy Duty Premium Latex Workout Body Resistance Exercise Bands Set

IJ Premium Resistance

Three 48 inch premium high quality resistance bands

  • Purple (Medium Heavy) 25-30 LBS,
  • Blue (Heavy) 30-35 LBS,
  • Brown (Extra Heavy) 35-45 LBS
  • Foam Handle
  • Ankle Strap
  • Door Anchor 
  • Carrying Case
  • Resistance band exercise workout guide

Perform the following exercise workouts. Chest Press, Triceps, Biceps Curl, Forearms, Triceps extension, Trapezius muscle, Ab twist, Ab Curl, Leg squats and lunges, deltoid muscle, hips and arms.High quality metal carabiners allow you mix and match to create your own desired increased resistance.

Incorporate these heavy duty extreme resistance bands into your workout routine. These premium resistance bands will challenge your muscles with exercise bands that range from 25-40 pounds of resistance. The bands are 48 inches in length and include foam handles for a secure comfortable grip, door anchor so that you can turn any doorway into a workout partner. Resistance bands are an excellent alternative to gym workout equipment and free weights. Also greatly used in all types of physical therapy rehab including bad knees, shoulders and elbows. The resistance bands set is light and compact and small enough to fit into your suitcase to easily take it on travel trips, to the office or anywhere that you want to do your work out when away from home. I J Fitness premium resistance bands are composed of high quality latex rubber that withstands large force strains. There are high quality metal carabineers included and attached to each resistance band which allows you to combine the bands to create greater tension when you are ready to move to the next level

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