CalSun Facial Tanning Lamp

Use Calsun Facial Tanning Lamp to help you keep a healthy, youthful glow even in the dead of winter. A tan on your face makes you look years younger and healthier.

The four 15 Watt UV fluorescent tubes will enable you to keep your face tanned year round, even if you live in a wet climate or in an area with limited sunshine. That's no longer a problem with our tanning lamp. Complete with UV blocking eyewear, simply place the lamp on any smooth surface, plug it in and enjoy the light. 30 Minutes a day leaves you looking your best all year round in any climate with our Facial Tanning Lamp.


  • Four 15W UV fluorescent tubes included
  • Two protective eye goggles included
  • Built in 30 minute automatic Safety shut off timer prevents overexposure
  • 30 minute maximum exposure time
  • Long lasting lamps provide hundreds of tans
  • Works from any standard outlet
  • Affordable tanning light for use at home, office, or in the dorm

Technical Specs:

  • UV: UVA T5 15 W
  • Input: AC 110-120V
  • Measures: 10" x 7" x 14"

Collections: Home and Garden

Category: Lights

Type: Home and Garden

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