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Society across all age groups has come to live an increasing sedentary lifestyle. It is a trickle down effect from parents to children. There are strong arguments that show that inactive parents may lead to their children also leading an inactive lifestyle. In other words, parents may be the ones that prevent children from getting a lot of physical play activity or getting the most out of free play.Children now spend up to seven hours a day in front of a screens such as TV, video games or computer. When kids reach high school age, nearly one-third of them play video or computer games for at least 3 hours on an average school day. Any sport that children participate in at an early age will greatly benefit their long term development. Organized sports allow children to develop socially and physically while maintaining a high level of physical activity. Individual performance of many of the team sports that children participate in will benefit from a gymnastics background. Participation or training in gymnastics develops flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and discipline. All the motor skills and play strengthening exercises will provide the bases for life long activity habits and motivation.

Gymnastics helps children develop a wide range of motor skills and at the same time refines their coordination. More importantly, it builds the underlying foundation that contributes to universal muscle strength, endurance and power. Children who train at organized or home recreation gymnastics have a greater probability of growing lean, toned muscles, a strengthened core and above average balance all leading to better posture and athletic performance.

Refined motor skills influence positive cognitive development. At Jungle Kids gymnastics, we believe a great contribution to positive motor skills development is building hand, arm and core strength comes from swinging on monkey bars, gymnastics bars or horizontal kip bars. In addition to working on motor skills, kids hand eye coordination will also improve and develop. Swinging and turning upside down have an enormous contribution to their overall development and well being. Climbing, hanging and swinging on gymnastics equipment like horizontal gym bars would be one of the main physical activities needed to build core strength leading to better motor skills. Many of the movements complement  and build on each other – physical strength and fine motor skills will lead to improved confidence. Confidence in the playground will lead to overall enhancement of both social and academic skills as they go through their school life. We know that children need time away from the screen to develop their motor skills. Now all we have to do is provided them with the equipment to give them something to do. See Jungle Kids Gymnastics Bar.

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